PARA-35-Sunflower: Helios

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Level 2 - concrete
Word: Sunflower

English (combination word - Sun + Flower).
From the genus name of Helianthus: coming from the Greek helios "sun" and anthos "flower."

A tall North American plant of the daisy family, with very large golden-rayed flowers.
Sunflowers are cultivated for their edible seeds, which are an important source of oil for cooking and margarine.
Genus name: Helianthus, it is a genus of plants comprising about 70 species. Except for three species in South America, all Helianthus species are native to North America and Central America.

Magic Status: 1 - Neophyte
Tier 1 - The flowers on their body face towards any sunlight in the area, and close at night when the sun is absent.

Wisdom Status: 0 - Unaware

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