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Crown Tasks

Crown Tasks

Category: Crown Tasks

Take a look at Annex 7: Crowns, for more information! You'll earn Marks of Recognition for your Whiffling through this Prompt.


To learn more about progressing your Whiffling's Crown Status, please read Annex 7 - Crowns.


  1. First, submit your artwork/writing to the on-site Crown Tasks gallery folder and select this prompt in the "prompt" section.
  2. Please note that you may only collaborate on a Crown Tasks if you and the collaborator co-own every participating Whiffling.
  3. When that has been approved, make a submission to this prompt with the link to your gallery submission in the "URL" section.
  4. Please attach the Whiffling(s) who is (are) progressing their crown tier to your prompt submission via the [add character] feature.
  5. When submitting to this prompt, please fill out the following form in your comment for each Whiffling involved in the Task:

Task: _
Marks Currently Owned: _

Alternatively - you might want to bribe your way into earning a Mark of Recognition.

To use a Wad of Cash, you will have to create a new claim.

In the comment field, please use the following form:

I would like to use a Wad of Cash to give [Whiffling Pet ID/Code] a Mark of Recognition.
How Many Prior Marks: ___

- Please add the Whiffling Pet's masterlist entry to your claim via the “add character” feature.
- For the URL, please write "using Wad of Cash"
- Don't select any reward, we'll add the amount of "currency" earned based on how many Wads of Cash you use.
- Select one (1) Wad of Cash (or more if you plan to use more than one) under "Add-Ons" to add it to the submission (and therefore, use it).


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