Submission Types

Request for Whiffling Breeding

For requesting a Whiffling Breeding [See Breeding Page for full information!]


Hello! If you're here from the Breeding page that means you'd like to purchase a Whiffling Breeding Slot! Or redeem a Breeding Voucher!

The options follow as below:

  • Purchase of a Personal MYO Slot. Cost: $15
    • You will be contacted by mewhaku to send the funds to her PayPal, and she will reply with your roll/continue forward from there!
  • Purchase of a Breeding Roll + Official Artist Designed Custom. Cost: $25
    • You will need to specify which artist (if they are open for this function!) you'd be wanting to commission.  
    • You will be contacted by mewhaku for the roll itself, and then directed to talk to your Official Artist!
  • Use of a Breeding Voucher [unless otherwise stated this becomes a personal MYO slot!].
    • You will need to add the Breeding Voucher item to this Prompt
    • You will be contacted by mewhaku for further information about your roll!

As stated on the Breeding Page itself:

In regard to a breeding roll result that may not be entirely what you were hoping for, you can pick one of the following options:

  • You always get two (2) re-rolls, for a total of 3 choices for every given breeding (MYO or Custom). You'll then need to choose one (1) of three rolls you got. This final choice will be made into a MYO Slot once the scent is confirmed.
    You cannot buy more chances. You cannot choose multiple rolls.
  • If you have a Breeding Roll based MYO Slot and decided you no longer enjoy the idea all, you may turn the resulting MYO Slot or Whiffling designed from it into the Linguan Preserve.
    In this case you will get a new Breeding Voucher ONLY if this is done within 30 days of the MYO Slot's creation. This will be checked.
    You will need to contact mewhaku (mewhaku#9034 on discord) to get the Breeding Voucher item, or add it to the Surrender Note.
  • Finally, you don't have to design the finished roll, but the final selected roll will be made into a MYO slot nonetheless.
    We don't recommend this option since if you did pay for a breeding roll, the money will have been spent for nothing ;_; !
  • If you had bought a Custom Breeding, you will need to pick a roll for them to design.
    If you really don't want the final Breeding Roll choice, you will only get $10 of the total cost refunded.
    The design will then be completed by the Official Artist, and put up for sale normally as they choose.
    Alternatively, you can also get the finished custom and try to resell it for $25 later on.



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