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Fortune and Friendship

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[Paprika and Ginkgo having fun at this new festival, portrayed by Shadonut]

After cataloguing some of the recently appearing Paralogos, a few researchers got.. wistful.. about how they have never actually seen any birds.
More bird Paralogos have appeared as of late, but... Actual birds?

They're incredibly rare on Lingua, with the pollution making it hard to survive for them.
It is entirely possible there are still birds left, hidden in the few pockets of nature scattered around the planet.. Or cultivated in private collections..
Either way, despite their hopes and dreams, they had all given up seeing birds in their lifetime.. But one researcher did come across an old report..

Supposedly, long before any of them were born, birds constantly migrated to avoid the cold.
And so, they held large festivals, celebrating fortune and friendship as birds migrated back from the south..
There wasn't much information in the report about when this precisely happened, so.. Why not hold a festival now?
Yes, a festival all about birds, fortune, friendship.. It seems like a grand old time, a great get-together!

A celebration from the days before! In the hopes of seeing birds!

This Month's Prompt: Fortune and Friendship

A perhaps flimsy excuse to hold another celebration, but it seems to be well accepted among everyone.
So ofcourse the Paralogos couldn't stay behind. Some immediately started gathering bird feathers- as rare as they are.
Others opted to create something themselves. How hard could it be to make feathers?

What is your Paralogos doing during this celebration? Running around with fake wings on their arms?
Gathering feathers to create a collection for the sake of fortune? Or perhaps gathering them to give them away, for the sake of friendship?
The festival is meant to be a get-together, to instill a sense of unity.. To feel fortunate about the world..
So draw or write about your Paralogos trying to enjoy themselves!

Dressing up as a bird, perhaps? Drawing birds based on the outline of their hands? Making jewelry of sorts out of feathers?
Perhaps they have a word focus about a bird, and are trying their hardest to trigger their level 6 magic, so people have a bird to see?

Whatever it is your Paralogos decide to do during this festival...
... it is up to you!

Who can You draw?

Your own Paralogos, Companions and Caretakers
- The following NPCs/mascotsGinkgo & Paprika
Other member's Paralogos, Companions and Caretakers (if their  gift art / gift writing status is set to "Yes")


Guaranteed Reward: +5 1-icon.png per deviation
Bonus Reward: +5 1-icon.png per deviation that fulfills the following requirement(s):
- Include at least two (2) Paralogos that are not your own.

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