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Wisdom Tasks

Category: Wisdom Tasks

Submit your Wisdom Task entries here to officially increase the wisdom tier on your Paralogos' Masterlist Entry. (check details for rules/guidelines)


To learn more about progressing your Paralogos' Wisdom, please read Annex 3 - Task Hub.


  1. First, submit your artwork/writing to the on-site Wisdom Tasks gallery folder and select this prompt in the "prompt" section.
  2. When that has been approved, make a submission to this prompt with the link to your gallery submission in the "URL" section.
  3. Please attach the Paralogos who is progressing their wisdom tier to your prompt submission via the [add character] feature.
  4. When submitting to this prompt, please mention what task you're completing in your comment.
    1. The options are: Younger Days / Daily Life / Livelihood / Public Opinion / Intraspecies Opinion / Self-Image (see Annex 3 - Task Hub)


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