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Greetings everyone!
This time we've got 2 admin QoL updates that are also going to make some things more straight-forward for you!


You can now add items from your inventory to submissions and claims to use them!

Any item added to a submission/claim will be consumed (= permanently deleted from your inventory) upon approval.
This means that admins now no longer have to manually delete items from your inventory when you've used them (f.e. Sparks of Insight or MYO items).
This also means that your inventory logs now tell you exactly where you've used an item, as opposed to it just being noted as "deleted by staff". 

The following procedures make use of this new feature:
- Word Claims / MYO item transformations (see Start MYO Process prompt)
- using Sparks of Insight (see User Guide)
- using De-Maginators (see User Guide)


Masterlist artworks now get automatically cropped and watermarked!

For you users, this just means that you no longer have to see the thumbnail cropping option when submitting MYO designs.
Simply upload the transparent artwork and you're set!
(It also means that, going forward, the masterlist will look even more consistent! Nice!)

As a side note: All masterlist artworks will be downsized to 800x800 pixels (if your artwork is smaller, it will stay small).
Since the fullsized artworks are saved on our server for backup purposes, we'd appreciate it greatly if your MYO design artworks would be no bigger than 1000x1000 pixels!


Again, thank you all so much for your patience!
These updates, as always, are reflected in the User Guide.
If you have any question or feedback at all, feel free to contact us via the Ask Questions Here prompt! =)


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