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Greetings everyone!
We've got a few Quality of Life updates for you all today!


You can now leave comments on!

Specifically, you can comment on news posts and profiles
We also have the ability to enable comments on pages. We will make use of this part of the feature later down the line.

Part of this update is also the new user icon feature - you can set/change yours via your account settings!


Items in your inventory will now stack.
This means that if you own multiple units of an item, they will be combined into one stack that tracks the amount and source of every unit of that item.

This system allows you to handle multiple item units at the same time - meaning you could f.e. send over 3 Sparks of Insight to a friend with just one transfer (4 clicks) instead of three (9 clicks)!
It also allows you to purchase multiple items at once in our shops!


All adoptable Paralogos will now be tracked via the new Sales Post feature (see the next to "news" in the top navigation bar).
These posts let you know of all available adopts and prices as well as all contact options for the artist at a glance.

This means that you are no longer forced to check dA regularly (or to be on our discord server) to see new Paralogos adopts - since new sales posts are announced just like new news posts!

Because of the new comment system, this also gives our designers the option to sell Paralogos directly via the sales posts!
Meaning you might see designs being sold exclusively via comments on sales pages, or having the option to buy it either on dA or via the sales page, etc.

This will not fully replace sales held on DeviantArt, but will be an addition to them.
You will still need to buy a design off-site in most cases by contacting the artist in question, and a design may be claimed off-site depending on how an artist decides to hold their sales.


You can now select a "ask first" option for gift art on the masterlist via character profiles!


New news posts (and sales posts!) will now be made visible via the link in the navigation bar changing its color to yellow and a little bell appearing!
This update gets rid of the obstructing blue notification bar.


Again, thank you all so much for your patience!
If you have any question or feedback at all, feel free ask via the Ask Questions Here prompt! =)

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PromptoBeans Avatar

All the new aspects added are super neat~ I love the avatars and to be able to comment on things!

2020-09-20 17:14:37

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