Finally, Galleries!

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The Gallery is finally here! The time of having to submit art via dA has found an end!
This also means that you can now earn Bottlecaps for Whiffling artwork!

From now on, every member who is registered to has to upload their art to the gallery in order to earn the respective currencies for both themselves and potential receivers of their art!
Meaning, if you f.e. draw gift art for another member, you will upload the piece and both of you will receive the earned currency automatically - no need for the receiver to also submit it anymore!

If you receive art from off-site artists, please submit it to the Off-Site Currency Rewards prompt the way we previously had you submit every piece.
Note that this is only for art made by artists who are not registered to!

For detailed information regarding how the new features work, please refer to the User Guide!


How to submit art/writing to the gallery


  1. Go to the gallery and select the folder that your art belongs into.
  2. Click on the “+ submit” button.
  3. Upload the art file and/or paste the text in the “text” section.
  4. Add a title (& optionally, a description for the piece).
  5. Add all the displayed characters in the “characters” section via their character codes (f.e. PARA-01-Ginkgo or WHIFF-100-Ginkgo).
  6. Select the exact type of art in the “Group Currency Awards” section (f.e. “Digital Art / Clean Lines / Full Body / Colored / Shading” for a shaded digital fullbody artwork).
  7. If you’ve drawn at least one (1) character for someone else: add their website username(s) in the “other participants” section & specify their role(s) (f.e. “gift for”).
  8. If the piece was a collaboration: add your collaborator(s) in the “collaborators” section & specify their role(s) (f.e. “lineart” or “colors and shading”)



Magic / Wisdom / Monthly Prompt Submissions

You will still have to submit your art to the Magic Progression / Wisdom Tasks / Monthly Prompt prompt after uploading it to the gallery in order to get your bonus Ink rewards and/or get your magic/wisdom officially added/approved.
You now have to use the link to the gallery submission instead of a dA link in the URL section.


Thank you all for your patience!
This is not a full release of Lorekeeper 2.0.0 and we hope to see continued updates and improvements for the site! We are still working on the Whiffling Design Guide, so Whiffling MYOs are not live just yet. We are looking towards opening the Whiffling Store now that bottlecaps can be earned, so stay tuned! You'll be able to buy Whiffling MYO slots and all sorts of goodies through the Store. We are so excited to finally have the Gallery feature on site!

If you have any questions at all, feel free to ask on our discord server, via our Ask Questions Here prompt or in the comments below!


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