[Comm : Gift] Cozy Geese

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[Comm : Gift] Cozy Geese
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In Paralogos Art ・ By mewhaku

Ahhh I love drawing Paralogos cuddles... this was such a fun commission ;_; Thank you again for commissioning me Deyan!


My commission info + other info is here: mewhaku.carrd.co/#
www.patreon.com/mewhaku <-- Patreon here (you now get a bonus role in the World of Lingua Discord) 

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Deyan: Commissioned
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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

Look at these GOOSE SNUGGLES!!!! And just in time for the geese that live in our apartment complex to start building their nests (one of which is, to my delight, in our yard)!

Gosh this is adorable!! I LOVE how you drew their poses, especially Bairneach tucking their head under Gertrude's chin! Absolutely precious!!! And you did a fantastic job on their markings (which is quite a feat considering... Bairneach)! Gertrude's "goose headlight" white face lights turned out Particularly Delightful, here! And as always, the colors and texture you picked for the background work fantastic with the characters! Thank you so so much for yet another lovely commission! <333

2021-04-12 09:12:26

mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

Ahhhhhhh that's so cute to hear of real-life nesting ;_;
I'm so glad you love the final result!!!

2021-04-12 09:44:34

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