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[Gift] <33
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Happy Birthday Noel

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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

Gosh this is SO CUTE, thank you again (a bit belatedly) for including Bilha in this and for thinking of Noel on his birthday!! <333 These poses are ABSOLUTELY PRECIOUS!!! And Bilha's little sweet sleepy face!!! And Cody's hair looks SO NICE in your style!! And the size difference! Also also the color you picked for the background is a perfect choice since it matches Bilha's red-pink markings and complements the greens in Cody's design! Aaaa I love everything about this!

2022-03-07 22:14:50

Inkcess Avatar

I am glad you enjoy it <33

2022-03-09 09:28:49

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