[Comm] [derparonis] deyan

In Paralogos Art ・ By monty
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[Comm] [derparonis] deyan
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In Paralogos Art ・ By monty

commission for Deyan of one of their Logos and their partners!

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djhkdjfhgJKHKDJHG bless this HEATED DEBATE!!!! (Labeled appropriately on ham's butt, of course!) You captured these two PERFECTLY! Ham looks like they're spouting pretentious gobbledygook and Vi looks like they're getting a bit TOO heated in their debating, haha. Also, you absolutely nailed their designs!! I particularly love how you did ham's powdered wig crest and Vi's flame markings! Thank you for yet another delightful pair of derparonis! <333

2021-03-03 06:30:17

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