Grieving - Younger Days

In Wisdom Tasks ・ By Howee
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Grieving - Younger Days
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In Wisdom Tasks ・ By Howee

As a young Tabula Rasa, Grieving used to live with someone they valued a lot. However, they passed away and this young paralogos didn't know what to do. Their own grief consumed them so much, this grieving process became their word focus. First they denied their feelings, blind to everything happening to and around them. Then they felt angry, at how unfair it was, blazing with rage. After their anger cooled down, they tried to reach a higher being from the afterlife, bargaining to bring their loved one back, no matter what. Nothing worked and Grieving felt like their whole world was collapsing. They fell into sadness, almost drowning in it. But after all that pain and suffering, Grieving found peace. Instead of focusing on how their loved one was gone, they tried to remember all the good moments with them, the love they felt for each other and the joys they brought each other. It still hurt, but Grieving was able to move on and has made it their goal to help others cope with grief just how they did.

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