Redivi's Stardew Valley Profile

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Redivi's Stardew Valley Profile
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In Paralogos & Triceridos Art ・ By Jingletail

My brain basically panics and gets confused when I try to make any larger pixel art, so the profile picture was a struggle.

Finding loves and hates for Redivi was kind of hard because I couldn't find a masterlist of all Stardew items ever in one place, but I managed it!

The one where they're on all fours is something I imagined being something that they just occasionally do, like how the cats and dogs sit down sometimes. If I were to make a walk cycle, they'd walk on their back feet.

The large Redivi bust is 121x121. Both side sprites were drawn separately, but the shared pixels were traced.

I did NOT draw the items. Those are owned by Eric Barone/Concerned Ape

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