[Gift] Oh Puppeteer

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[Gift] Oh Puppeteer
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In Paralogos & Triceridos Art ・ By KeiContent Warning: Multiple Eyes!

♫  Puppeteer
dry your tears
golden strings and
fragile dreams

Oh Puppeteer
dry your tears
broken hearts your nimble fingers steer  ♫

A [narrator] for you!! This is definitely one of our favorite logos ever?? It's Amazing!!! So it was also inevitable that we drew it at some point! The song we listened to while drawing this, and one we think of when thinking of [narrator], is Golden Strings by Madame Macabre!

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[[Gift] Oh Puppeteer by Kei (Art) ・ **Content Warning:** Multiple Eyes!](https://www.worldoflingua.com/gallery/view/2243)
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