[Gift] Cosplay Time!

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[Gift] Cosplay Time!
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Splash art for the May monthly prompt!

Covet immediately wanted to dress up as such a regal and sparkly looking word focus. While looking fancy 100% drove their decision and they know nothing about aquatic critters, I'd like to think they were happy to learn about the Calliopius laeviusculus amphipod from Aneurin afterwards. Aneurin has a box of bedazzling gems ready to help out other characters with their costumes and seems a bit bemused at the situation!

Submitted By Shrike for 2023 [5/12] Cosplay!View Favorites
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[Deyan] IT'S TIME TO BEDAZZLE!!!!!!!!!!

Thank you so much for including Aneurin in this, it turned out DELIGHTFUL! <333 That look of polite bafflement combined with Aneurin's permanent cross-eyes is just. Absurdly cute. And I love that you gave them BEDAZZLING SUPPLIES!!! They really would have a blast helping folks bedazzle their cosplay projects. ALSO, their markings turned out SO PRETTY, you did a great job on them!! And I love how you did Covet's cosplay of them, too -- the transparency on the cape looks so nice!!

2023-05-09 22:55:29

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