PARA-243-Covet: Covet

Owned by Shrike

Caretaker Status: Bonded to CARE-04

Affiliated companion(s): COM-47-243-1

Level 4 - abstract
Word: Covet

Middle English: from Old French cuveitier, based on Latin cupiditas (see cupidity).

To yearn to possess or have (something).

Magic Status: 5 - Savant
Tier 1 - Can pin things on their body without experiencing difficulties or pain.
Tier 2 - Knows what others covet.
Tier 3 - Lessens/removes coveting feelings from an individual.
Tier 4 - Manipulates covetous feelings in others.
Tier 5 - Creates covetous feelings in others towards an entity of the user's choice.

Wisdom Status: 6 - Omniscient
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22 May 2020, 21:21:27 EDT

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