Is this world even worth protecting?

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Is this world even worth protecting?
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In Monthly Prompt ・ By ShrikeContent Warning: Mild Gore/Eye Horror

So bury all the evidence
Disguise yourself plead innocent
One penalty, one consequence is sure
Your jury they will recognize the lies, the lies, the lies, the lies

Though idealistic in youth, the injustice of the world has caused it to grow disillusioned and bitter. A growing obsession with how to right these unsolvable wrongs resulted in its wicked transformation. It now sees itself as the judge, jury, and punisher of any perceived wrongdoer. Though it fights tirelessly for the oppressed, it is unpredictable in nature and unforgiving in method. Its three heads bicker endlessly as it caries out sham “trials” for its victims.

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[Is this world even worth protecting? by Shrike (Art) ・ **Content Warning:** Mild Gore/Eye Horror](
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