Precious Tier 2 Magic

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Precious Tier 2 Magic
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Gold is rare and useful in electronics and jewelry. While not as precious as ink, the man who owned Gold forced him to learn how to sense the metal to then find and exchange for currency. He did this by leaving a tiny bit of gold on the ground and commanding Precious to find it.

Tier 2 magic: This Paralogos can easily locate any nearby gold.

This wasn't supposed to be shaded, but after doing the mountains I just had to, lol. Also don't worry, Precious gets away eventually and becomes a...happy? Paralogos!

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Howee Avatar

Oh wow this looks amazing - the shading and composition and colours.. wow, amazing job

2023-04-20 08:34:31

Jingletail Avatar

Oh, thank you! :D

2023-04-20 16:21:42

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