[Gift] Wuut Round 2

In Whiffling Art ・ By Samm
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[Gift] Wuut Round 2
4 ・ 1
In Whiffling Art ・ By Samm
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SpicyIsopods: Gift For
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SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Deyan] AAAAA THANK YOU!!! <333 (A little belatedly because life has been kicking our ENTIRE butt lately.) Zoysia looks fantastic in your style every single time you draw her!! This sketch of her has powerful "you have messed up my landscaping and I WILL have my revenge" vibes and I am LOVING IT! How do you manage to fit so much life and personality into a shoulder-up sketch?!?!? MAGIC.

2023-02-21 13:11:58

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