Aster (Sun) - Daily Life

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Ever since Aster discovered his word focus, everything seemed to click in place. His old caretaker was wrong - he wasn’t lazy, he really did feel more energized outside in the sunlight. Instead of being scolded and punished with more chores, his new caretaker embraced Aster’s natural affinities and encouraged his magical and intellectual progress. She didn’t make him take dancing lessons or endure boring lectures on rich people – in fact, she didn’t make him do anything. He’d discovered his affinity towards the word “Sun” all on his own, just as he wished.

(What a difference it’s been since our days with those snooty moneybags,) he mused. (I hope you’re as happy as I am, Theia.)

Like every day, Aster rose with the sun. He and his little sister, Theia, always slept snuggled together in the same nest-bed, so he had to carefully extract himself without waking her up. She usually stayed up late in the night spending time with the other Paralogos they lived with, Celeste and Vela, who happened to be more nocturnal than he was. He tucked the blanket carefully under Theia’s chin and gave her a light peck on the forehead before heading out for the day.

Their caretaker also slept in late, so Aster usually had the mornings to himself. He located the note she left for him by her computer. It read,

Good Morning, Aster!

Please continue to take notes regarding the changes in sunspots and magnetic activity of the sun. Remember to mimic your own spots and show me your findings! This afternoon, we’ll have Theia demonstrate to us her progress in magically locating planets in the sky. She’s very excited to show you all that she’s practiced with Celeste!

It’s a bit cold out, so please take a coat!

~ Aliya

Though a proud and headstrong individual, Aster didn’t mind doing the things his caretaker asked of him. He knew the tasks’ benefits were two-fold: to advance the university’s research, but also to help Aster uncover his magic abilities. He’d lived here for a year and already mastered two tiers of magic. The prospect of becoming a powerful magic user was enticing, and he couldn’t wait to see what abilities he uncovered next. Additionally, he was elated to see Theia growing into her own individual here. Her level of advancement was almost on par with his own.

Aster grabbed a Paralogos-sized coat off the hook and nabbed some gloves. As he made his way outside to the telescope set-up, he reminisced on how he managed to land himself such a wonderful home.


They’d miraculously managed to escape the Brookshire’s compound a week prior, slipping through the bushes while the matriarch was occupied entertaining guests at the grand dinner party she hosted that night. Though she was no stranger to the streets of Sermos, Theia constantly glanced over her shoulder, anxious their now-abandoned caretakers were on their tail. Aster did his best to comfort the young tabula rasa, assuring her the well-polished aristocrats wouldn’t try to chase them down dirty alleyways in the rain.

Eventually, their meandering through the city led the two Paralogos to the entrance gates in front of Sermos University. For two tabula rasa, or Paralogos with unrealized potential, a large educational institution felt like they’d hit the jackpot. Theia in particular was overly excited to experience an environment solely dedicated to learning. No one seemed to pay them any mind; perhaps the students and teachers here were used to the presence of unformed Paralogos.

As they wandered through the campus looking for the library, a sign caught Theia’s eye.

“‘Planetarium show 1:00 pm, admission free,’” She read off the sign. She squealed and tugged on Aster’s arm. “Come on, come on! I wanna go see the show!”

“Could be fun,” Aster obliged. “I hope it’s warm in there, too.”

They plodded over to the building entrance and waited in line behind a couple of students. Ten minutes before the show’s start, an adult woman with pink dreadlocks opened the door to allow the attendees inside. She winked at Aster and Theia as they ducked past her into the building and took their seats. When one o’clock rolled around, she closed the door and stepped up to the podium.

“Welcome, everyone!” The woman greeted the audience. “My name is Dr. Aliya Ramirez. I have a PhD in Cosmology and lead Sermos University’s Astronomy department. I hope my presentation to you today will inspire you to journey into the world of science beyond the sky! Without further ado, let us dim the lights and explore the cosmos…”

The show lasted an hour and kept Theia on the edge of her seat. When Dr. Ramirez restored the lights and thanked the audience, the young Paralogos leapt up towards the podium. Aster tagged along behind her, equally as excited to talk to the professor.

“Well, you two,” Dr. Ramirez smiled, kneeling down to address the tabula rasa. “Did you enjoy the show?” Now standing in front of her, Aster could better surmise the professor’s features. The woman was tall, her height accentuated by her knee-high heeled black boots. She wore a white polo shirt that contrasted her brown skin and her pink dreadlocks settled halfway down her back. She gave the two Paralogos a bright and welcoming smile.

Dr. Ramirez held out a notebook and pen, which the Paralogos’ eagerly took to convey their thoughts in writing. They wrote out their praises and introduced themselves.

“Aster and Theia, huh?” She mused. “Did you know Theia is the name of a hypothetical planet that is theorized to have collided with our own planet billions of years ago? That’s the prevailing theory behind the moon’s formation. Though we can only speculate what it looked like, I can teach you about the planets we can see today.”

Theia gasped, tugging on Aster’s arm once more. “I think that’s why I like the name!” She told him. “I want to learn more about the planets, Aster!” 

“And Aster,” Dr. Ramirez turned to the taller, slightly older tabula rasa. “Well, I can tell you it is a genus of flower, but botany isn’t my expertise and something tells me it doesn’t fit you, either. It is a latin word meaning ‘star’, however. I know a lot about those.”

She then addressed both of them. “Would you like to stay and learn more? At least stay a night or two in a warm bed. I’ve got a Paralogos friend that would love to meet you, too.”

Theia gazed up at Aster with hopeful, pleading eyes. The last thing he wanted was to lead them into the same situation they just escaped from. Surely it wasn’t his destiny to stay small and gray, to serve a human master and do nothing but dust furniture and trim hedges and receive scoldings for every little imperfection.

But the woman that knelt in front of him didn’t seem like that. While Ms. Brookshire was cold and uncaring, Dr. Ramirez exuded warmth and friendship. She offered her assistance in helping them learn subjects they showed interest in, but at no point in their conversation did she mention word focus at all. Aster, too, was hopeful.

That night the two Paralogos slept in a comfortable bed Dr. Ramirez lovingly put together for them. The next morning, Aster noticed Theia’s gray hide started to turn a bit darker. And when he looked in the mirror, he noticed the lights on his tail were starting to change shape.

He smiled.

Aster (Sun) - Daily Life
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A look into Aster's daily activities, in addition to a short tale of how he and Theia met their current caretaker. Sequel to Aster's and Theia's Younger Days stories.

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Ah I love Aster and Theia's relationship, what a great older sibling he is, looking out for her! Glad they found themselves in a better place in this installment

2022-12-10 16:44:20

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Awh, thank you so much for the kind words! I'm not very confident in my writing so I really appreciate this!

2022-12-10 17:10:41

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