[Trade] [Custom Paralogos] Solace

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[Trade] [Custom Paralogos] Solace
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Paralogos custom as part of a trade for justlikesoup !

Tier 1 Ability: This Paralogos' dot lights can slightly move around like fireflies.

(they are Very huggable,,,,,)

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Submitted: 8 months agoLast Updated: 8 months ago

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mewhaku Avatar
mewhaku Staff Member

I really sincerely love this so much ;_;

2021-05-30 09:35:50

Mouse Avatar
Mouse Staff Member

thank you sm angel ;;

2021-05-31 15:12:26

justlikesoup Avatar

weeps into eternity
madly in love w my child who is the Embodiment of Hugs

2021-05-24 07:09:41

Mouse Avatar
Mouse Staff Member

I'm glad!!
(I do enjoy how we started with [calm isolation] & ended up at [embodiment of hugs],,,, haha)

2021-05-24 22:37:33

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