[Trade] There they stood still for a time

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[Trade] There they stood still for a time
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(once again catching up on old designs i did!)

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[Deyan] Reiterating years later just how much I ADORE this friend's design! The Celtic seaweed twins remain some of my absolute favorite designs amongst my many characters -- you put so much thought and care both into incorporating elements of their respective Celtic cultures into their designs and into getting all the little details of their seaweed species correct! I LOVE the little bits of transparency in both Aillig's seaweed and their scarf! And the brighter red of their lights and eyes against the more muddy reds and browns elsewhere is such nice contrast on a design where creating contrast is challenging because... everything is red. Thank you again, I love these SEAWEED NERDS, you did a great job!! <333

2022-06-27 09:59:33

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