[Gift] Assorted Gifts 1

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[Gift] Assorted Gifts 1
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In Whiffling Art ・ By Shadonut
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Shrike: Gift For
Howee: Gift For
Speedy: Gift For
PromptoBeans: Gift For
Deyan: Gift For
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Deyan Avatar
Deyan Staff Member

AAAAAA it took forever for me to comment on this but I ADORE THIS!!! Clover looks so so cute in your style -- I really love how you draw Whifflings in general, and your chonky style suits Clover's body build perfectly!! Gosh, her big ol' Whiffling eyes are so cute here, and I love how you drew her fur "skirt"! Thank you so so much for this precious gift! <333

2021-06-04 18:22:22

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