[Gift] Conservation -- Livelihood

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Ally pointed excitedly to a crest running along the length of a medium-sized mammal skull he was holding.

"This! Right here, this ridge--" he made sure to emphasise with his fingers, "This is where the jaw muscles attach, and what allow the animal to bite down! It's not as large in the maned wolf as it is in other canids, but it's still not fun to be bitten by one!"

The onlooking Paras and Whiffling chuckled, enthralled by the zebra-striped Para's enthusiastic display...


Once Ally grew out of his tabula rasa years, he was "adopted" by the zoo that helped him find his word focus. In order to repay their kindness -- and to learn more even without the use of books -- Ally gives private tours, sets up discovery stations, and otherwise interacts with guests on the zoo's grounds. He most enjoys interacting with other Paras there, as he can speak to them without the costly mental strain for their telepathy!

[Gift] Conservation -- Livelihood
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In Wisdom Tasks ・ By Oboe
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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Wolf] thank you very much for including my sona in this scene. i do enjoy a good learning opportunity, and even moreso if the learning opportunity in question involves canids of any sort. i quite like how you drew his face and his inquisitive (but subtle) expression. i'm also fond of how you drew his claws. you have a wonderful art style.

[Deyan] YESSSS ENVIRONMENTAL EDUCATION!!! Just looking at this makes me nostalgic for my environmental education days and fills me with warm fuzzy feelings! Gosh you captured the Zoo Vibe so well here!!! Ally's expression has such spot on "excitedly infodumping" energy, I am LIVING! Thank you so much for including Maryoshka -- they look fantastic in your style! You even remembered the eye wrinkles!! <333

2022-05-10 06:37:50

Andie Avatar

Thank you so much for including my bby!!!! Love your entries A LOT!!!

2022-04-20 09:30:00

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