[Gift] Icons for the Isopods!

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[Gift] Icons for the Isopods!
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[Nuri] LOOK AT THEEEESSSEEE aaaaa thank you so much! Took forever to wrangle all four of us to comment but!!! WE LOVE THESE! Oh my goodness, my sona is exuding so many "friendly and exhausted" vibes here, LOVE THAT. And I'm so impressed with your ability to draw glasses in profile view??? NICE. <333

[Deyan] OH NO GREYLOCK... they are so tired, help them... This is truly the perfect me expression jdshfkjhgkjfd and the wax drips look SO GOOD!!! Thank you friend!!!

[Wolf] thank you for drawing mulch. your style suits him very well. i particularly enjoy how you drew his ears and face shape. i appreciate that you seem to have accurately captured the fact that the vast majority of our system is exhausted at all times, hah.

[Boaty] OOOO these are a delight! I am in LOVE with Yevedzo's hair in your style! and that cheek fluff! BEAUTIFUL! thank you, what a sweet gift~ :3c

2022-05-21 17:03:09

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