Comments on [Closed] Spooky Spectators

Numiauri Avatar

Offer here for Floating Bladderwort!

2022-10-10 20:30:41

Shadonut Avatar
Shadonut Staff Member

I'd like to offer 4 pieces of artwork for them.
I was thinking 1/2 with 1 character with a nice background + shading and the remaining being characters interacting with a background + shading. But if there's some other combination that would be preferable, I can work with that. :) Character art will be full body unless you prefer a chibi style.

2022-12-09 11:44:38

Numiauri Avatar

Hey there Shado, I'd like to take your offer. I'll contact you shortly to sort out details c:

2022-12-16 13:29:05