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Please offer for Tres Leches Cake (Whiffling) here

Preference: USD (over Paypal) > Art > WoL Site Items
End Point: A week after a first offer is made.

Please offer at least $20 USD if offering USD alone
If offering art, please give specific amounts and estimated turnaround time!

2022-05-17 17:25:15 (Edited 2022-05-17 17:25:42)

Inkcess Avatar

I'd like to offer two customs(human, cs, feral, anthro - anything works) that'll be done in a month + 4 shaded chibis with backgrounds(can also be a single scene with 4 interacting characters or two scenes with 2 each or something along those lines) :3

edit: you know what, I'm going to add on - pick any 3 things from in here I'll do those too but I'ma need another half month for that(examples are a lil outdated but my gallery here has newer ones)

2022-05-20 14:02:28 (Edited 2022-05-20 15:27:48)

Numiauri Avatar

I really adore this offer (the customs alone are just ugh such a good option), but I've gone with another option.

2022-05-24 19:36:57

Howee Avatar

I can offer two fullbody scenes (each can include two, maybe three characters) and 10+ pixel YCHs (examples here - The scenes could take up to a month, the pixels shouldn't take more than a week (all of them together)

2022-05-18 03:06:33

Numiauri Avatar

Thank you so much for offering Howee, but I've gone with another offer c:

2022-05-24 19:37:17

PromptoBeans Avatar

I'll offer a fullbody with a background, halfbody with a background and two chibis for them! Turnaround time is within 2 weeks to a month! Maybe faster X3

2022-05-17 17:32:47

Numiauri Avatar

Well Prom, it looks like I am going with your absolutely insane offer :"D

2022-05-24 19:36:17

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