PARA-510-Lethargy: Luther

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Level 6 - abstract
Word: Lethargy

Late 14c., litarge, "state of prolonged torpor or inactivity, inertness of body or mind," from Medieval Latin litargia, from Late Latin lethargia, from Greek lēthargia "forgetfulness," from lēthargos "forgetful," apparently etymologically "inactive through forgetfulness," from lēthē "a forgetting, forgetfulness" (see latent) + argos "idle" (see argon). The form with -th- is from 1590s in English. The Medieval Latin word also is the source of Old French litargie (Modern French léthargie), Spanish and Italian letargia.

A lack of energy and enthusiasm.

Magic Status: 1 - Neophyte
Tier 1 - Can make others drowsy by singing a lullaby.

Wisdom Status: 0 - Unaware

19 November 2020, 21:50:31 EST

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