PARA-359-Ruishi: དབྱངས་མཚོ་ Yangtso

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Level 3 - concrete
Word: Ruìshī
Auspicious lion (瑞獅; Ruìshī): referring to the Tibetan Snow Lion or good fortune, Chinese.
A less common "variant" of the Chinese guardian lion (sometimes called a foo dog), this term refers more specifically the Tibetan Snow Lion.
The Snow Lion, sometimes also Snowlion is a celestial animal of Tibet. It is the emblem of Tibet, representing the snowy mountain ranges and glaciers of Tibet, and may also symbolize power and strength, and fearlessness and joy, east and the earth element. It ranges over the mountains, and is commonly pictured as being white with a turquoise mane.

It sometimes is depicted through similar statues as other shishi / guardian lions as well.

Magic Status: 1 - Neophyte 
Tier 1 - Has a way with dealing with the cold easy, its furry body emits a sort of heat.
Wisdom Status: 0 - Unaware
24 May 2020, 20:33:16 EDT

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