PARA-358-Guardian-Lion: Shisa

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Caretaker Status: Unknown
Affiliated companion(s): COM-85-358-1

Level 3 - concrete
Word: Lion (Guardian)
This English term comes from a combination of the words "guardian" and "lion", referring to the function and shape of these statues.
Guardian lions are a traditional Chinese architectural ornament.
Typically made of stone, they are sometimes also known as stone lions or shishi.
They are known in colloquial English as lion dogs or foo dogs. The concept, which originated and became popular in Chinese Buddhism, features a pair of highly stylized lions—often one male with a ball and one female with a cub—which were thought to protect the building from harmful spiritual influences and harmful people that might be a threat.

Magic Status: 1 - Neophyte 
Tier 1 - Has a warm fire on their tail that emits a protected feeling.
Wisdom Status: 0 - Unaware
24 May 2020, 20:28:59 EDT

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