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TYOC: Work vs Hobbies

TYOC: Work vs Hobbies

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Ends: 3 July 2022, 23:59:59 EDT (5 days from now)

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[Numbunny saw Paprika and Ginkgo hiking in the distance.. as well as Sunshower, measuring the weather!]

Okay, so last month was.. not a good idea. Paprika liked both sides.
There's just no way! How could he pick between science or mysteries?!
It's like.. all the goodness of concrete information on one side..
And all of life's intrigues on the other!

Heck, sometimes you use science to figure out or discover mysteries!
....Haa, maybe this was getting too much. It's not as if this year was going well for him..
Perhaps he needed a different hobby...

Although most of his work seemed to be interacting with other Paralogos..
And then discussing it with Thomas.. reporting on intraspecies dynamics..
His attempts at getting popular and starting the latest hypes was exactly what the researcher wanted..

...Hmm, was this year of competitions maybe just.. a rebellious streak towards his so-called job?

The Year of Competitions:
Work vs Hobbies

How do your characters stand when it comes to matters of work? Do they enjoy the job they're doing?
It's true that many Paralogos simply like doing jobs that entails their word focus..

But perhaps others are forced into doing what they have to do, and prefer to do something for themselves.
Are their hobbies more important? Perhaps completely unrelated to their word focus!

And while we're on the subject! Paralogos aren't the only creatures on the World of Lingua!
Do your Whifflings have a job? Or perhaps they are more intrigued by their hobbies?

Perhaps the best thing is if you make your hobby your work.
But whether or not your characters have decided to do so...
... it is up to you!

Hold up, there's more to this:

By sending in a prompt submission for a side on any of the Year of Competitions prompts, you are locked in for said side.
While you're still allowed to display characters from the other side, your prompt submissions are not allowed to be for the other side.
You are, simply put, only allowed to join one side of the debate each month, as there is a little bonus for the winning side!

Who can You draw?

Your own Paralogos, Whifflings, Companions, Pets and Caretakers
- The following NPCs/mascotsGinkgo, Paprika & Gin
Other member's Paralogos, Whifflings, Companions, Pets and Caretakers (if their gift art / gift writing status is set to "Yes")


Guaranteed Reward: +5 1-icon.png or +5 2-icon.png per submission and +1 Year of Competition raffle ticket!
Bonus Reward(s): +5 1-icon.png AND +5 2-icon.png per submission that fulfills the following requirement(s):
- Paralogos: Include at least one (1) character performing an activity related to their word focus.
- Whifflings: Include at least one (1) character performing an activity related to their scent.
Please note that ink and cap rewards may be increased this year depending on your activity.
And you will only gain a YoC Raffle Ticket once per month, if you have less than 3 tickets total.
Read this newspost for further details regarding the increasing rewards and Year of Competition tickets.

How to Submit Entries

  1. You can make a maximum of 3 prompt entries.
  2. First, submit your artwork/writing to the Monthly Prompts folder and select this prompt in the "prompt" section.
  3. When that has been approved, make a submission to this prompt with the link to your gallery submission in the "URL" section.
    • Note: If this monthly prompt has vanished by the time your submission gets approved, you can still submit it to the "Late Box" prompt.
  4. In your prompt submission description here, please add whether you want ink or caps for your guaranteed reward.
    • Your entry must be worth at least 5 of the respective currency for you to get any reward.
    • The bonus reward will be applied automatically regardless of chosen reward, assuming you fulfilled the requirement.
    • Yes, it is absolutely fine if no Paralogos or Whifflings are actually involved, as long as you hit the minimum worth.


Reward Amount
Ink 5
Bottlecaps 5
Year of Competitions Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1
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