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TYOC: Staying In vs Going Out

TYOC: Staying In vs Going Out

Category: Monthly Prompt
Ends: 4 December 2022, 23:59:59 EST (1 week from now)

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[Numiauri discovered Sunshower doing some.. knitting? While Puddle seems to have the time of their life in the rain, with Paprika being less happy about the rain..]

Well, with the best holiday out of the way, Paprika came back to the age old question..
What to feel superior about this month? Well, more like, what to face off against what..
But he couldn't figure that out, so he decided to take a walk- he previously figured out a theme that way..

It's always nice to go outside. As a vegetable wordfocus, perhaps nature is what he needs best..
Even if it's the.. not so natural nature that the folk from Sermos put up.. Though, ofcourse..
The plants and trees that have been planted previous also help...
Sure, they were slowly dying now, but with nature's restoration where it is now..

He just couldn't understand why there weren't more people enjoying this nature!
Isn't it great to go outside?! Who'd want to.. stay.. in.. Hm. Well, that's a thought.

The Year of Competitions:
Staying In vs Going Out

Paprika as usual focuses on themes that others disagree on him about. Ah well.
Next time it rains, he'll be staying in himself.. (Mostly because he knows Thomas'd yell at him..)

But nonetheless! What do your characters prefer to do? Stay inside, cozy up? Good book, game?
It IS getting colder and nature's slowly preparing to spring up after winter, after all..

Or do your characters still prefer to go outside? Play in a leaf pile? Take hikes and walks?
Even if it's getting colder, it aint there yet! It's still a nice fall weather for now..

Either way, this one seems to be about staying in.. or going out
Whatever your characters prefer to do in this fall weather...
... it is up to you!

Hold up, there's more to this:

By sending in a prompt submission for a side on any of the Year of Competitions prompts, you are locked in for said side.
While you're still allowed to display characters from the other side, your prompt submissions are not allowed to be for the other side.
You are, simply put, only allowed to join one side of the debate each month, as there is a little bonus for the winning side!

Who can You draw?

Your own Paralogos, Whifflings, Companions, Pets and Caretakers
- The following NPCs/mascotsGinkgo, Paprika & Gin
Other member's Paralogos, Whifflings, Companions, Pets and Caretakers (if their gift art / gift writing status is set to "Yes")


Guaranteed Reward: +5 1-icon.png or +5 2-icon.png per submission and +1 Year of Competition raffle ticket!
Bonus Reward(s): +5 1-icon.png AND +5 2-icon.png per submission that fulfills the following requirement(s):
- There's a lot of fallen leaves this autumn.. Show what your characters like doing with those leaves!
Please note that ink and cap rewards may be increased this year depending on your activity.
And you will only gain a YoC Raffle Ticket once per month, if you have less than 3 tickets total.
Read this newspost for further details regarding the increasing rewards and Year of Competition tickets.

How to Submit Entries

  1. You can make a maximum of 3 prompt entries.
  2. First, submit your artwork/writing to the Monthly Prompts folder and select this prompt in the "prompt" section.
  3. When that has been approved, make a submission to this prompt with the link to your gallery submission in the "URL" section.
    • Note: If this monthly prompt has vanished by the time your submission gets approved, you can still submit it to the "Late Box" prompt.
  4. In your prompt submission description, please add whether you want ink or caps for your guaranteed reward.
    • Your entry must be worth at least 5 of the respective currency for you to get that reward. For example, if you want ink, but the image is worth less than 5 ink, you're ineligible for ink as guaranteed reward and would get caps instead. However, if the image is ineligible for both ink and caps, the submission would be rejected, likely before it ends up in the gallery.
    • Yes, it is absolutely fine if no Paralogos or Whifflings are actually involved, as long as you hit the minimum currency worth- as caretakers, pets and companions could still earn you the required currency.
  5. You do not need to mention the bonus reward, as it will be applied automatically regardless of chosen guaranteed reward, assuming you fulfilled the requirement.
  6. For the Year of Competitions, please also mention in the description which team you are submitting for.


Reward Amount
Ink 5
Bottlecaps 5
Year of Competitions Raffle (Raffle Ticket) 1
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