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If you have any questions / inquiries at all, feel free to send them in here! (check details for further info)


This prompt exists as an alternative to dA notes.
(We will still reply to dA notes - this is just a preferred/quicker alternative.)

Note: Please make sure to put the vague topic of your inquiry in the "Submission URL" text box.
(It doesn't have to be super specific, don't worry about it.)

Possible Topics we'll answer questions about here:

  • Design Questions (f.e. whether certain features are fine or too exaggerated, whether something would be possible via tier 1 magic or not, etc)
  • Word Questions (f.e. whether a specific word would be Wicked or not, what level a specific word would be, etc)
  • Whiffling-Related Questions (f.e. what rarity/category a certain scent would fall into)
  • Functionality Questions ("How do I do (x) on this website?")
    • Please check out our User Guide first - your question might already have an official answer there!
  • Lore/World Building Questions [we recommend asking these on our discord server, but we will answer them here too]
    • Please check out our Lore Collection first - your question might already have an official answer there!

For Magic-related questions, please head to the specific Magic Questions prompt. Thank you!

[This list is non-exhaustive, meaning that even if your topic is not mentioned, you can still ask your question here!]


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