Reused Work Ink Guide



    Sketch: 2 1-icon.png
    Lineart: 2 1-icon.png
    Flat Color: 1 1-icon.png
    Shading: 1 1-icon.png

    Sketch: 2 1-icon.png
    Lineart: 2 1-icon.png
    Flat Color: 2 1-icon.png
    Shading: 2 1-icon.png

These amounts of ink are to be applied if you draw them for payment or for yourself. 
If they are gifts, you calculate +1 1-icon.png to your total. 
The person to recieve the drawing will have to calculate -1 1-icon.png from their total. (if this would lower the amount to 0, this rule gets skipped!)

    Simple: 1-3 1-icon.png
    Complex: 3-5 1-icon.png

    Simple: 1-3 1-icon.png
    Average: 3-5 1-icon.png
    Complex: 6-8 1-icon.png

Companions, Caretakers and humanoid AUs earn half* of the values artwork of a Paralogos would earn.
Pixelart also earns half* of the values of fullsized artworks.
(*rounding up)

Now, the first time you draw something, you get full ink. 
But! When you reuse the lineart, you will only get the ink for the things you changed.
    So, if you flatcolor a fullbody image, you get 2 1-icon.png.
    If you color and shade it though, you get 4 1-icon.png instead. (Only if you redo the shading for every new piece though. Reused shading won't gain you more 1-icon.png)

Backgrounds: It doesn't matter if there is background if you don't change it. You only get the bonus for the first drawing.

 As these require you to still recolor every frame, your animation difficulty will only degrade once after the first drawing.
    That means that if your first drawing has an "average" animation, all other drawings will get the "simple"-bonus, so +2 1-icon.png
    If your first drawing has a simple animation, all other drawings won't get a bonus.

Example: Rhino Paralogos by Mockingbirds-nestMelonie Parabox by Mockingbirds-nestAquamarine Parabox by Mockingbirds-nest


First drawing: gifted shaded Fullbody with complex background = 14 1-icon.png for the creator and 10 1-icon.png for the reciever
All other drawings: gifted recolored fullbody (no redone shading) = 3 1-icon.png for the creator and 1 1-icon.png for the reciever