[Gift] A little light

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[Gift] A little light
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more than a lil rushed so things might seem wonkier on a closer look, oops

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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

CANDLELIT LIBRARY SNUGGLES!!!! AAAAAAA!!!! This is so sweet and cute and perfect, thank you so so so much!! I love how the books around them show how smol they are, and the light from Greylock's flame looks really cool!! And these snuggles and their smiles are just SO CUTE!!! PLus, you did an amazing job on Greylock's markings and Cody's hair~ <333

2022-03-22 22:16:54

Inkcess Avatar

Aaaah, I'm very glad you like it!!!

2022-03-23 00:13:22

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