[Gift] Mille: Only the Perfect Tea will do [Tier 3]

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[Gift] Mille: Only the Perfect Tea will do [Tier 3]
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Intended Tier 3 Ability: Can 'fix' a bad cup of tea and slightly enhance benefits, works best with chamomile tea

Mille discovered her T3 magic when Agathe was ill, the worse Agathe got, the more trouble she had brewing tea and being an avid tea lover, Mille's magic was a godsend.

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SpicyIsopods Avatar
SpicyIsopods Staff Member

This is SUCH a sweet little scene, thank you again for including Greylock (and Cody) in it!! <333 As always, you do a wonderful job at capturing size differences! And Greylock and Cody are so precious in your style, I love their POSES and the way you did Cody's face shape and Greylock's little feets! Also: Mille's companions are just athe absolute cutest, just FYI.

2021-12-03 19:26:37

Inkcess Avatar

I'm glad you like it, fitting their designs smoll was a little work so I'm super happy you think it came out well

2021-12-09 11:00:12

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