Daily Life - Kiwi

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He was away. He was free. He would never again be under the power of a human. That he was sure. That was a promise he made himself. Never again to be subjected to the whims of an evil person. Especially for his powers over kiwis, sought after for its monetary value, in a world with so many problems to grow food.


He spent days in the wild, stealing books when he could. But always avoiding humans like the plague. Until one day.


He again entered a home, one without much security. He went straight to the library of the house, trying his best to not be found. As he touched one of the books, ready to slip away with it, a blue paralogos approached him.


“Hi, who are you?” they asked, making Kiwi shudder. He looked ready to run away at the drop of a hat. “Wait, you’re not in trouble! I just want to talk. Please...”


Kiwi looked around, accessing his situation: no humans around or paralogos. He could push this paralogo away and run. He could, he was strong enough for that. There was nothing stopping him. Except their eyes, their sweet, concerned eyes.


“Alright...” Kiwi mumbled, trying his best not to blush.


“Are you alone? Without a caretaker?” they asked, sympathetic eyes locked at Kiwi’s eyes.


“I’m never having a caretaker again!” Kiwi said, a bit of anger slipping into his voice.


“Oh, no, I’m sorry. Bad experience?” Somehow, their eyes grew even more sympathetic. “I’m Dese, do you need a place to stay?”


“I’m not having a caretaker again,” Kiwi said again, more anger seeping through his voice. “Never!”


“That’s not what I meant,” Dese started, a small smile on their face. “I can give you a place here, without my caretaker knowing.”


“Would you risk yourself like that? For me?” Kiwi managed, cheeks blushing hot.


“It’s not a risk, my caretaker is great. She will not be mad if she discovers you. Don’t worry,” Dese said, a smile growing fonder.


“I don’t know...” Kiwi murmured, looking away.


“She doesn’t need to know you’re here. I just don’t want you risking yourself to get books or somewhere to stay...” Dese put a paw on Kiwi’s cheek, who only closed his eyes. “Stay here a few days, if you don’t like it, you can leave at any point.”


“O-ok,” Kiwi mumbled. “I can try, if you will be around.”


“I won’t leave your side.” Dese smiled brightly.


The first day went great. Dese spent the whole day by Kiwi’s side, showing him the library, and helping him avoid Dese’s caretaker, a woman called Tala. They talked, a lot. Dese was short for Desejo. And some more.


“Your focus is wish? That’s so powerful,” Kiwi gasped, a hint of worry on his face and voice. “Do you need help getting away from your caretaker?”


Dese laughed, a hand coming to hold Kiwi’s hand. “I want to be here, Kiwi. I’m happy here. Tala loves me and I love her.”


“Why, tho?” Kiwi asked, enthralled by the concept. A paralogos who likes their caretaker? Preposterous!


“She is nice to me, and she takes care of me. She makes sure I’m well. She never treated me with anything except care and love.” Dese kissed Kiwi’s hand. “You could meet her if you want. You will see what I mean.”


“I don't-" Kiwi started, being interrupted by Dese.


“Think about it first. Then give me an answer, please,” Dese asked.




It took Kiwi three days to actually accept Dese’s proposition. He was aware that he would say yes at some point, he could not deny anything from Dese anyway. He just needed time to gather enough courage for it.


“Great, Tala is in the next room. May I call her in?” Dese asked, his hand holding Kiwi’s hand.


“Yeah...” Kiwi took a deep breath, letting go of Dese’s hand. “I trust you...”


Dese left the library, coming back not even a minute later, hand in hand with a human. The human was short, for a human, she still was taller than Kiwi. She had red hair and a pink and purple dress. Tala, he presumed.


“Hey, there!” She waved, not approaching Kiwi, which he appreciated. “It’s nice to meet you.”


“Why do you want paralogos?” Kiwi was direct on his question. “What do you want with me?”


“Just to help. My dream is to make a safe home for all the paralogos of Lingua.” She looked at Dese, smiling. “Desejo was the first. You can be the second, if you want.”


“What if I don’t want to help you with anything?” Kiwi said, looking seriously to Tala.


“You don’t have to.” Tala shrugged. “We would appreciate it if you could help around the house, but if you don’t want to, it’s fine.”


“And if you don’t feel comfortable with anything, you can leave. We will not stop you,” Dese interjected. “But I would rather you stayed with us.”


Kiwi talked a bit more with them, asked so many questions. But at some point he felt satisfied enough with all the answers. He agreed to stay.


At some point he became comfortable enough to allow the term caretaker. To call Tala his caretaker. To allow a second chance. And he was happy about that. Tala. A caretaker, a friend. A new meaning to such a hurtful word. And he kept living at the library, as the home grew and the residents as well.

Daily Life - Kiwi
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In Wisdom Tasks ・ By Andie

I love Kiwi so much....

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