[Gift] Devishi

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[Gift] Devishi
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Decided to draw Devishi! She has such a beautiful design <3

I wanted to give her a background but got stumped on what would be appropriate within lore, so I ended up going with this idea of like a photoshoot. Which also let me depict a background with natural scenery matching her design so hooray!

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This is so pretty!!!! Thank you so much!!!! aaaaaah, and the colors you used!!!

(I love the background idea)

2021-08-14 10:43:15 (Edited 2021-08-14 10:43:32)

4sparkles Avatar

I'm glad you like it! (also , I have a slightly larger file size if you'd like it, just DM me on discord if you do!)

2021-08-14 20:56:41

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