[Trade] Greylock to the Left

In Whiffling Art ・ By Shrike
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[Trade] Greylock to the Left
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In Whiffling Art ・ By Shrike

A trade with the Isosquad of Deyan's Greylock! I think I did pretty good but I did not get the candle part very accurately. I guessed on the ruff of leaves because I couldn't remember if it went all the way around or was more of a "boa" shape, and I didn't remember where the feathers fell on the legs. I also had to guess on the specifics of the leaf shapes!

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[Deyan] Thank you again for trading with us, I LOVE this!!! <333 You did an amazing job on his vulture-y head shape, and his chubby belly is so cute!! And of course, the way you draw feathery wings is always fantastic. Also, I'm very impressed at how close you got on the leafies despite not having a ref/design notes in front of you -- I would struggle with those even WITH a ref, especially the cedar foliage!

Also, 10/10 book choice, I would absolutely read about alpine lichens~

2024-05-30 13:19:48

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