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Twisted's Stardew Profile
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I made another lol

To staff for ink purposes: I traced Redivi's heads from their profile with small changes. The back end of the standing sprite was copy/pasted from the one on all fours.

So for this one I imagined a sort of Lingua-Stardew Valley mashup. Twisted's magic and wisdom on site don't match it yet, but I imagined they're kept in a prison in a scientist's lab in the corner of the map (or maybe the desert). They would be contained with magic, the scientist trying to destroy them but can't because wisdom is too high. He's keeping them there because Twisted's magic is capable of causing a lot of permanent damage. The text is what they'd say when first meeting you.

You'd get down there by getting max hearts with the scientist, who wants your help with destroying them.

Of course you befriend and free them instead because your farmer can't see consequences even if the foreshadowing is bashed over your head repeatedly. Lol.

But it's Stardew Valley, so your farmer would convince them to undo all the damage they did on their rampage and they live peacefully...somewhere. Somewhere they have their own space to warp things as much as they want, and then they become a normal citizen. Hooray!

I made their sprite pretty large because I (theoretically) would want people to go "What the hell is that?!" when they first see Twisted. Also because Twisted is pretty tall for a para.

I did NOT draw the items. Those are owned by ConcernedApe/Eric Barone

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