[Gift] January Spotlight

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[Gift] January Spotlight
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In Mixed Species Art ・ By Shadonut

Gift art for SpicyIsopods!

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[Haunt] YEEEEEEE this is so CUUUUTE!!! I bet Sonder would LOVE Snow's sona, hehehe. I love love love how you draw Sonder's big, friendly eyes and bag of books and art supplies and stuff!! And the size difference looks so NEAT!! Thank yooooOOOOUUUU!!! 💖

[Snow] What an absolutely darling picture! Thank you so very much for including my whiffling-sona in this sweet little interaction. <3 I think if I were to meet Sonder, we would get get along wonderfully. The poses and expressions in this are lovely, and I'm quite fond of how you drew Custard's beak. n_n

2024-01-26 20:20:01

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