Tricky Treats | Unwelcome Tricks

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Elibris had been setting up some decorations on his large mansion, stringing up lights and little ghosts made out of painted metal. It was quite dangerous should the decorations fall, but that wasn't going to happen. Especially since Secretarybird could quickly grab at the lights and make sure they were perfectly stable. However, there was a slight pause in the work- Elibris pausing once he realized that his bonded Paralogos was not by his side. "Secretary?" He asked, turning from his place on the ladder.

The creature was looking down at something on the concrete, highly alerted if the state of his unfurled fin was anything to go by. It was enough to where Elibris could notice the other despite the canopies that went along the sidewalks of his estate. The caretaker climbed back down from where he had been decorating, walking over to Secretarybird. Once he was close enough, the paralogos put one of their small hands out, blocking him from going any further. With the other, he pointed towards the ground. 

Elibris moved his gaze to where the other was pointing, and his face turned to a darker, aggravated frown rather quickly. "Oh really now, do kids these days have no tact?" Both of them looked at the offending piece of twine, crudely put together in a sort of system that was made to activate something should some poor soul step into the circle. 

"I would think that some people would at least wait until the actual holiday to try something like this. Don't they know that if someone stepped on this while decorating it could cause a real problem?" With that, he lightly tossed a small metal ghost into the circle, which caused the mechanism to activate. The caretaker lightly pulled Secretarybird back, the paralogos watching in horror as the twine snapped into a small circle, trapping the metal ghost in its' grasp and pulling it upwards. 

The paralogos squawked in fear when they heard the loud snap of the metal hitting the small canopy roof above them. He clung to Elibris for a moment, and the caretaker lightly pat him on the head. "It's okay, Secretary. Goodness, you're quite easily frightened... can't even tell me what part of it is terrifying to you... Maybe we should do more wisdom training after the festivities... I would do it now, but I'd hate for you to miss out on Halloween. I wouldn't forgive myself for making you miss my favorite holiday."

The paralogos chirped lightly, and Elibris laughed. "Yes, Halloween is my favorite holiday. Though I'm more of a treat person than a... trickster." The both of them looked back up to the metal ghost that was now trapped against the ceiling. "Well, we can discuss that later. I do think that we should get back to putting up the decorations. Do continue keeping an eye out for any tricks that the youth might have placed around the estate, though. I'd hate to be handing out lawsuits to innocent families if you ended up getting hurt." 

Secretarybird nodded with a smile. Thankfully for anyone else who might have wanted to mess with Elibris this season, Secretarybird had great eyesight- saving any tricksters from Elibris' wrath. 

Tricky Treats | Unwelcome Tricks
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