[Gift] Teeny Carme

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[Gift] Teeny Carme
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If you want to be the next person to have all their paras teeny-fied, lemme know! 

Or just one or two is fine too :3

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[Deyan] BREAD GREMLIN!!!!! This is the absolute most perfect pose for Carme sdjfhskjghgs -- they are 100% the kind of gremlin who would sit on the kitchen floor scarfing down bread that they don't even need to eat because they're a paralogos! Also, I am SUPER impressed at A) how well you were able to capture Carme's rather detailed design in tiny pixel form, and B) how much detail you were able to fit into the kitchen scenery! Excellent pixeling, as always, and thank you SO MUCH for pixeling my beloved stinky bread gremlin~ <333

2023-11-08 08:46:43

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