[Gift] Baraq - Spotlight Gift

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[Gift] Baraq - Spotlight Gift
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In Paralogos & Triceridos Art ・ By snakefood

Wanted to draw someting different then my own para so I drew the spotlight one

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Submitted: 10 months agoLast Updated: 10 months ago

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[Ezekiel] WOW!!! Wasn't expecting this. Such a beautiful surprise!!! Took long time to comment, but not because I don't love it!! Just been wild few months. Love this SO SO SO much!!!! CLOUDS so BIG and BILLOWY!!! Want to eat shading, love it so much. And glow from lightning looks amazing!!! Love fun pose and big friendly eyes, too. Thank you so so so much!!! <3

2023-11-16 20:31:00

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