[Comm] [Whiffling Custom] Leather

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[Comm] [Whiffling Custom] Leather
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voucher custom for SpicyIsopods !

I got to design Fang's whiffsona & god I love working with dark colors on a day!! had a lot of fun =)

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SpicyIsopods: Commissioned
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SpicyIsopods Staff Member

[Fang] FRICK YES, I look so COOL as a whiff!! The way you did the curly wool looks awesome! So are the patches on my jacket!

[Deyan] Yeah, you absolutely NAILED the Fang vibes, here, with both the pose and the design! Very feral gremlin child vibes. And I'm so impressed with your ability to make lineless art with an almost entirely dark palette work! And with this: all 18 of us have WoL sonas! Thank you for the designing help~ <333

2023-06-25 18:09:05

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