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Everything You Asked For
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Stonks has wanted to be Wicked for quite some time, but if they were to approach Moira to see what they would actually become, they'd be horrified. In this picture (assuming Stonks is put into a first-person perspective), the Wicked version of Stonks is happy while the real one is upset, causing them to cry. Maybe this isn't a good idea after all...

No numbers because frankly I HATE drawing/typing dozens of random numbers for their stupid FRILL, but if I were to properly design Stonks as a Wicked I'd put corrupted numbers all over the wing membranes.

Only the dots and the line on the side glows. The rest is a gradient on the skin.

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Howee Avatar

Whoa this is such a good concept!!

2023-04-30 12:54:52

Jingletail Avatar

Thanks! I had fun making it :D

2023-04-30 17:23:44

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