Food Friends (September 2019)

Food Friends

[Shadonut took a pic of Paprika meeting up with Apple Cider Doughnut to celebrate food!]

Paprika is here, to give you that extra you deserve.

It seemed quite ironic.. There are quite a few food-related Paralogos on Lingua.. But despite the many food crises and shortages, those Paralogos had trouble finding a new home. Many of these food friends roamed around trying to help those in need, but finding it hard to find someone to help them.

Fortunately, that changed! A lot of these Paralogos have gotten a loving home and.. and.. oh for the love of.. Paprika, please, I know you want to help home the remaining food Paralogos, but we already have a full house.. Please go find another caretaker for them.. Right, where were we.. Ah, yes. A lot have found a loving home and I believe that this might one day lead to the end of food shortages on the entirety of Lingua. I say-

Let us celebrate the love of food and food Paralogos!

This Month's Prompt: Food Friends

Draw or write about your Paralogos trying to find a new home for the remaining food Paralogos! Perhaps, their own home? NO, PAPRIKA, NOT OUR HOUSE..!..
Er... Anyway.. You could also perhaps draw one of these Paralogos in their moment of finding a caretaker.. or helping others find a home.. Or..
Well, there are plenty of Paralogos with a food theme, but it would be a bit limiting to focus solely on them. Let's just say, create something food related.
Perhaps your Paralogos or your caretaker is enjoying food, or they're delivering food to a poorer neighbor..
... it is up to you!