Book Burglary (November 2019)

Book Burglary

[Paprika on the case, drawn by PromptoBeans!... Wait, what's Paprika holding there?]

Paprika is here, to give you that extra you deserve.

Of course Paprika was one of the first to hear of the break-in. Hard to miss Libra's distress.. Damage to the store, stolen books, missing pages.. Paprika couldn't believe anyone was capable of doing something like this. Even if it followed a month of pranks, this was obviously not a prank!

..Though that might have been how they got away with it. Hrm.. and that pranking event was partially Paprika's fault, wasn't it.. Right. Time for ol' Pap to investigate this mess then!.. Find who did this, how they did this.. and mostly.. why?

Oh, and it would probably be a good idea if he'd also look for these missing pages..

This Month's Prompt: Book Burglary

Paprika really wants to help Libra, so the question is.. does your Paralogos want to? You could draw or write about your Paralogos helping in the search for the pages..
Or perhaps they are doing their own bit of investigation... There seem to be plenty of tracks around, which could, however, be from the pranks that were still happening on the night of the break-in..
But, alas, we all know Paralogos like to do their own thing, just dressing up as an investigator is fun enough, is it not?..
... it is up to you!