Cool Shades (February 2019)

Cool Shades

[It's Paprika with the cool shades, drawn by Mouse!]

Paprika is here, to give you that extra you deserve.

The dreaded anomalies that had everyone wound up in the past few months have now become a bit more normal. Everyone's used to them.. There are only few gaps remaining, so everyone has accepted that they'll eventually all be gone. Everyone? Well, one Paralogos seems intrigued by a past event.. They stare at the hole in space-time, showing an event in which.. it seems.. nothing much is happening.

But there is this person wearing.. really.. COOL SHADES! Oh, why can't this poor Paralogos have their own shades.. actually.. they can, can't they...? And thus begins the quest of the Paralogos who liked shades. And also ends, as they quickly found their own pair of cool shades. And now they're parading with them around town. Ah, well.

What, that Paralogos is totally not Paprika, what are you talking about.

This Month's Prompt: Cool Shades

Draw your Paralogos wearing cool shades. Glasses seem to be THE new thing, so if your Paralogos is inclined to follow trends, they surely want to be cool, too!
Whether the shades fit your Paralogos perfectly or whether some caretaker is going to find out their favorite shades are broken..
Or, y'know.. whether the glasses in question even guard against the sun..
... it is up to you!