Caretakers, I Guess (December 2019)

Caretakers, I Guess

[Rotkelchen taking care by PromptoBeans.]

"Hello there! Don't mind me, I'm just cleaning up this utter chaos that Paprika left us to deal with...
Oh, you haven't heard the news? Paprika, that little rascal, disappeared right after announcing he made a 'breakthrough' in the book burglary investigation.
Can you believe it?! He just ran off and now I have to wade through his heaps of notes to improvise some sort of passable prompt in time!

What? No, I don't know where he went. He didn't let anyone know where he was going, because of course he didn't.
Whether he's in danger? Gee, I wouldn't know. Probably not? Some Paralogos went to look for him, but I'm not too concerned personally. He'll turn up eventually.

Enough of that though! Most of his recent notes were on Caretakers and Rogues, so tell me about yourself!
Do you have a special human or are you self-partnered?"

This Month's Prompt: Caretakers, I Guess

Does your Paralogos have a Caretaker or are they on their own?
Do they share a Caretaker with other Paralogos or are they maybe even part of a group of Rogues?
Or if they're alone, are they still wild or have they lost a Caretaker in the past?

Draw or write about your Paralogos' thoughts and feelings on Caretakers and/or bonds!
You could show their current Caretaker and how they act towards each other - are they friends, family or just business partners?
Or if they don't have a Caretaker, share their thoughts on that - are they jealous or glad?
Maybe living with other unbonded Paralogos feels like family to them? You could draw or write about that as well.
... it is up to you!